FAQs and Answers

  • How many RV electrical hookups are there? There are 4 electrical hook ups, 2-220, 4-110 volts.
  • How many showers? There is a designated male and female bathhouse with 3 individual showers on each side.
  • Can we have alcohol at Pine Bluff? This is a 4H camp, we do not sell alcohol, and we have a no trace left behind policy.  If you choose to bring in alcohol, you are responsible for cleaning up behind yourself as well as behaving reasonably while at the camp.
  • Does someone live on-site? Yes, our Caretaker lives in the house, please be respectful of that. He is available for emergencies.
  • How many cabins are there? 4 cabins
  • How many bunks are in each cabin? Cabin #1 – 10 beds, Cabin #2 – 16 beds, Cabin #3 – 16 beds, Cabin #4 – 16 beds  for total of 58 beds 
  • Can we put an air conditioner in the cabins? The electrical cannot allow for this.
  • Are there pets allowed? Pets have to be on a leash.
  • Can we camp across the bridge? No, because of the risk and difficulty locating people in emergency weather situations we don’t allow camping across the bridge. 
  • Can we park down by the lower volleyball net area? No, please do not park in the lower areas. You can drive supplies down there, then park vehicles back on higher ground.
  • Is there cell service? There is no cell service.
  • Is there a phone at the camp? There is a landline in the kitchen with a designated phone number for Pine Bluff.
  • Can the phone call long-distance ? No, there is no long-distance service but you can bring a pre-paid phone card to use with the landline.
  • Is there a dumpster? Yes, bagged trash can be put in the dumpster located near the equipment storage pole barn.
  • Is there any medical equipment available?  There is  a defibrillator in the kitchen.
  • Is there a storm shelter? Yes, use the bathrooms as a storm shelter.
  • Any emergency weather communication? We have a storm weather radio and work with our local Winneshiek County Emergency Management Services with all weather alerts. 

Please leave the camp as you found it.