FAQs and Answers

  • How many RV electrical hookups are there? There are 4 electrical hook ups, 2-220, 4-110 volts.
  • How many showers? There is a designated male and female bathhouse with 3 individual showers on each side.
  • Can we have alcohol at Pine Bluff? This is a 4H camp, we do not sell alcohol, and we have a no trace left behind policy.  If you choose to bring in alcohol, you are responsible for cleaning up behind yourself. 
  • How many cabins are there? 4 cabins
  • How many bunks are in each cabin? Cabin #1 – 12 beds, Cabin #2 – 14 beds, Cabin #3 – 16 beds, Cabin #4 – 16 beds  for total of 58 beds 
  • Can we put an air conditioner in the cabins? The electrical cannot allow for this.
  • Are there pets allowed? Pets have to be on a leash .
  • Can we camp across the bridge? The camp caretaker needs to know if you are camping across the bridge in case of an emergency weather situation. 
  • Is there cell service? There is no cell service .
  • Is there a phone at the camp? There is a landline in the kitchen with a designated phone number for Pine Bluff.
  • Is there any medical equipment available?  There is  a defibrillator in the kitchen.
  • Any emergency weather communication? We have a storm weather radio and work with our local Winneshiek County Emergency Management Services with all weather alerts. 

Please leave the camp as you found it.